Group Facilitation

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Our facilitation process follows the PrOACT cycle -  a decision framework first described in the book Smart Choices by Hammond et al. (1998). It stands for: problem framing, objectives, alternatives, consequences, and trade-offs. We also draw from our own practical experiences and many other resources, such as the books Decision Quality by Spetzler et al. (2016) and Structured Decision Making: A Practical Guide to Environmental Management Decisions by Gregory et al. (2012). 

Through a collaborative implementation of this process customized for your unique needs, we will help your team work together to develop and align on solutions that are even better than any one team member could have done by themselves. We encourage participants to include objectives around benefit for people and the planet in addition to traditional financial metrics as decision criteria.

This process tends to be effective for working groups that are asked to provide recommendations (e.g. scientific or community-based advisory panels, internal task teams). It is also commonly used for developing organizational strategy.

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