Roadmap Development

two women sitting at a table looking at a computer screen

We use the term 'roadmap' to describe an actionable strategy. Our approach to roadmapping uses decision science, an interdisciplinary field that studies how individuals and organizations make decisions. We use a structured decision-making (SDM) framework called the ‘PrOACT’ cycle (Problem Framing, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, and Trade-offs) -   a decision framework first described in the book Smart Choices by Hammond et al. (1998). We suggest a rapid prototyping approach to the PrOACT cycle, moving through the process quickly and iterating as needed.

To develop your roadmap, we will guide you through the PrOACT cycle. We will work with you to gather input from others and incorporate it into your decision-making process in a meaningful way. We encourage you to take a whole-person approach and include a range of objectives around people and the planet in addition to your typical organizational objectives.

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