Collaborative Decision Workshops 

Fit your needs

Select from five customizable workshops that will help your team collaborate on a decision. The greatest value to you is to complete the workshops in order and iterate if needed.  Each workshop is designed to be one full day in person or two consecutive 2.5-hour sessions.

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Collect multiple perspectives

Seeking to embrace your group's ideas? We're here to ensure that everyone's perspective is considered in the decision-making process.

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Clarify decision scope

Looking to focus your group's decision? We can help your group align on scope, what the objectives are, and how you might measure success.

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Build great strategies

Want to collaborate on strategy design? Create shared solutions with our assistance facilitating options aligned with your group's values and priorities.

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Evaluate your strategies

Wondering which option is best? Harness collective wisdom to forecast consequences, understand preferences, and inform your decision.

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Optimize your strategies

Curious if your group can do even better? Leverage insights from the process so far to develop hybrid strategies that reflect the best of all options.

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